• 2014-12-08
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Associate Professor
Address: Dept. of Foreign Languages, UCAS, 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing 100049, P. R. China
Office: Room 209 Humanities Building
Phone: 86-10-88256508


Research Interests

My teaching specialties lie in discourse analysis and newspaper English. However I teach on a broad range of courses covering English for MS students, PhD English writing and PhD English listening, etc.

I am especially interested in discourse analysis and corpus linguistics, discourse and ideology, discourse and social variation and cross-cultural pragmatics.



Central South University, Changsha

MA, Linguistics, June 1998


Work Experience

UCAS, Beijing (05/2005 –) – Associate Professor


Teaching Area(s)

PhD English Listening, PhD English Writing, MS English

English as Mass Media

Discourse Analysis


Selected Publications

I. Books / Book Chapters

1. A Writing Course Book for Graduate Students at CAS. Beijing: BIT Press. 2006

2. A Syllabus to the Doctoral Entrance Examination. Beijing: BIT Press. 2005  

II. Papers

1.      Zheng, Q., 2011. The Pragmatic Fossilization of Hesitation Markers in Chinese EFL learners. Foreign Language Learning Theory and Practice (4): 44-51,80

2.      Zheng, Q., 2010. Modality and Generic Features in Chinese EFL Writings. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics (5): 40-51

3.      Zheng, Q., Jiang, W.D, Guo, J. 2010. A Correlation Study on Productive Vocabulary and Writing Skills of Chinese non-English Major Graduates. In Wu, Jiangmei et al. (eds.) Graduate English Teaching and Research. 200-205.

4.      Zheng, Q., Peng, G. 2009. Modality and Generic Features-- a Corpus-based Study. Shandong Foreign Language Teaching. (30) 6: 3-8

5.      Zheng, Q. 2009. Fossilization of so in Cross Cultural Communication. US-China Foreign Language (7) 8: 1-5