MS English Program

  • 2014-12-25
  • 19665

This course is offered for MS students in GUCAS, with the aim of improving students’ English proficiency and their ability to communicate with native speakers in order to meet the needs of their research work. Teaching will be arranged in two parts, which covers reading, writing, speaking and listening, according to the Teaching Syllabus of Non-English Graduate Students.


Part I English reading and writing

1.Speed Reading

Students will be required to read 120 passages of general topics with average difficulty, and the speed should be 100-120 wpm (words per minute), with the understanding of the main idea of each passage.

2.Intensive Reading

By learning 10-12 texts, students will grasp different reading skills, such as getting the main idea, guessing the meaning of words by context, prediction, inferring, etc.

3.Writing and translation

Through the instructions and training in class, students will grasp the basic skills in writing and translation. In writing, they will be able to write an essay of argumentation, cause-effect, comparison & contrast, classification, etc. with the length of about 300 words in an hour’s time, with ideas expressed clearly and organized coherently.

In translation, they will be able to translate an English passage of 350 words into Chinese in an hour’s time, with proper understanding. They will also be able to translate a Chinese passage of about 250 words of the average difficulty into English in an hour’s time, with no serious mistakes.



1.Lian Xian, Speed Reading,Science Press,Beijing, 2001

2.Gong Li, English Intensive Reading (Vol 1), Science Press, Beijing, 2000


Part II English Speaking and Listening


With the training in listening, students will be able to understand the main idea of an English passage of average difficulty, with the speaking speed of 120 words per minute.


Students will be able to conduct daily conversations and make a speech of 1- 2 minutes on topics given after a short preparation.



Zhang Wenzhi & Liu Bin,Listening and Speaking with Ease (Book 1),Beijing Institute of Technology Press, Beijing, 2006