YU Hua

  • 2014-12-08
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YU Hua

Associate Professor

Address: Dept. of Foreign Languages, GUCAS, 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing 100049, P. R. China

Office: Room 208, Building of Humanities Sciences

Email: yuhuatj@ucas.ac.cn

Research Interests

YU Hua is an Associate Professor in the area of English teaching as a foreign language with a specialty in English writing for master degree candidates and doctor degree candidates of sciences. With an educational background in linguistics and language teaching, she has had extensive experience of working as an English teacher and English teaching researcher for both undergraduate students and graduate students. In 2010, YU Hua had studied at College of Education, University of Florida, as a visiting scholar.



Tianjin Normal University

M. A. Linguistics, June 2001


Tianjin University

B. A. Linguistics, June 1996


Work Experience

UCAS, Beijing (07/2001 – ) – Associate Professor

Having worked in this university since the year of 2001, YU Hua has been actively involved with Undergraduate English, English A and English B programs, teaching Listening and Speaking in English, English Advanced Composition, English Poetry, Academic English Writing and so on. Besides being a classroom teacher, she researches on composition theories, writing teaching methods, writing assessment, and English Stylistics, from linguistic aspects, to improve the outcomes of students’ English writing.


Teaching Area(s)

English Programs for undergraduate students

English A Programs

English B Programs


Selected Publications

I. Books / Book Chapters

1. Yu, Hua, English Entrance Examinations for Doctor Degree Candidates of Chinese Academy of Sciences (2005-2014), Beijing Institute of Technology Press, October, 2015.


2. Peng, Gong &Yu, Hua, How to Prepare for the English Entrance Examinations for Doctor Degree Candidates of Chinese Academy of Sciences (6th Edition), Beijing Institute of Technology Press, October, 2014.


3. Guo, Jian & Yu, Hua, English Textbook for Graduate Students, Beijing Institute of Technology Press, January, 2009.

II. Translation

1. Nonzero, written by Robert Wright, China CITIC Press, 2014.

III. Papers


1.       Yu, Hua & Guo, Jian, A Stylistic Analysis of To Room Nineteen, Linguistics and Literature Studies (Volume 3, Number 3, 2015).


2.       Yu, Hua, International Studies on Multiple Intelligences Theory: Development and Inspirations, Educational Research and Experiment, Issue 3rd, July, 2012.


3.       Yu, Hua, From Product Approach to Process Genre Approach: Theories and Patterns in Writing Research and English Writing Teaching in Chinese Graduate Schools, Modern Foreign Languages Teaching and Research (2012), August, 2012.


4.       Yu, Hua & Peng, Gong, Writer’s Workshop: What Graduate English Writing Courses Can Lean From American Universities, Foreign Language Research, 2011, No.2.


5.       Yu, Hua, How to Cultivate Graduate Students’ Abilities to Predict in Reading, Teaching and Research of Graduate English, April, 2009.


6.       Tang, Shiming & Yu, Hua, Applications of Latent Semantic Analysis in Automated Scoring of English Essays, Language Research and Application, December, 2008.


7.       Yu, Hua, Theory of Thematic Progression and its Application to English-Chinese Translation of Complex Sentences, the 18th World Translation Conference, August, 2008.


8.       Yu, Hua, Study on Comparative Teaching Methods for English Poetry Classes Aimed for Non-English Major Students, Teaching and Research of Graduate English, June, 2008.


9.       Yu, Hua, The Application of Computer-Based Educational Technology in English Poetry Course, Journal of Inner-Mongolia Normal University, June, 2008.


10.   Yu, Hua, Two Common Thematic Models and the Coherence in Graduate Student’ English Writing, Teaching and Research of Graduate English, August, 2007.