SUN Haiyang

  • 2014-12-08
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SUN Haiyang
Address: Dept. of Foreign Languages, UCAS, 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing 100049, P. R. China
Office: Room 204 Humanities Building
Phone: 86-10-88256078

Research Interests

Second language acquisition, Language testing



Xi’an International Studies University, Xi’an, Shaanxi, Master of Arts (09/2002-06/2005)

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA, Visiting scholar (10/2008-10/2009)

National Research Center for Foreign Language Education of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing, Doctor of Arts (09/2007-07/2010)


Work Experience

North China Electric Power University, Baoding (07/2005-07/2007)—Assistant Professor


Teaching Area(s)

Research design and statistics, English reading and writing

Selected Publications

I.      Books / Book Chapters

1.      Sun, Haiyang, Fossilization. In Wen Qiufang (Ed.), Major Issues in Second Language Acquisition. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. 2010: 82-124.

2.      Sun, Haiyang. Characteristics of College BBS Netspeak from Sociolinguistic Perspective. In Zhang Shaojie (Ed.), New Horizons in Linguistics: Theory and Application. Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. 2011: 333-346.


II. Papers

1.      Sun, Haiyang. An Application of Classical Test Theory and Many-facet Rasch Measurement in Analyzing the Reliability of an English Test for Non-English Major Graduates. Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics. 2010(2): 87-102.

2.      Sun, Haiyang. The Application of Generalizability Theory and Many-facet Rasch Measurement in Developing a Speaking Test for Prospective Secondary School English Teachers. Foreign Languages and Their Teaching. 2011(5): 57-62.

3.      Sun, Haiyang & Han, Baocheng. An Application of Generalizability Theory in the Design of a Speaking Test. Foreign Language Teaching. 2011(6): 61-65.

4.      Sun, Haiyang. Construct Building and ValidationThe Design of Speaking Test for Prospective Secondary School English Teachers. Journal of PLA University of Foreign Languages. 2011 (6): 82-87

5.      Sun, Haiyang. Mixed-methods Design in Language Testing. Foreign Language Education in China. 2011(3): 52-58.

6.      Sun, Haiyang. Evidence-centered Design and its Implications to Speaking Test Design. China Examinations. 2011(7): 20-25.

7.      Wei, Mei & Sun, Haiyang. The Current Development of Second Language Formulaic Language Acquisition Research at Home and Abroad and Its Implications. Journal of Ocean University of China (Social Sciences Edition). 2011(6): 43-48.