• 刘文彬
  • 2014-12-08
  • 12317

Associate Professor
Address: Dept. of Foreign Languages, UCAS, 19A Yuquan Rd., Beijing 100049, P. R. China
Office: Room 205 Humanities Building
Phone: 86-10-88256509

Research Interests

Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Poetics


Beijing Foreign Studies University

Ph.D. candidate, Cognitive Linguistics and Cognitive Poetics, 09/2016-present

Beijing Foreign Studies University

  M.A., Cognitive Linguistics, 09/2003-07/2005

Ji Lin Normal University

B.A., English Education, 09/1999-07/2003

Work Experience

Dept. of Foreign Languages, UCAS, Beijing

  07/2005 – present: Teaching Assistant, Lecturer, Associate Professor


Teaching Area(s)

ESL/ESP programs for undergraduates, master students and Ph.D. candidates

Selected Publications

Jin Hui. Rethinking Chomsky’s Universal Grammar-- Comments on the debate

triggered by the two articles from Scientific American. Journal of Xi’An

International Studies University, 2018 (in press).

Jin Hui. On translation strategies of place names loaded with cultural information.

Chinese Science & Technology Translation Journal, 2016 (4):44-47.

Jin Hui, Lian Xian. The application of Cognitive Linguistics to foreign language test

formulation. China Examinations, 2015 (7): 18-24.

Jin Hui. A cognitive study of the Chinese motion verb “lai” – From the perspective of

Motion Event. Journal of Beijing International Studies University, 2015 (12):


Jin Hui. On the syntactic position of adverbs – A cognitive perspective. Modern

Foreign Language Education and Research, 2013: 263-267.

Jin Hui & Peng Gong. The use of first person pronouns by native English writers and Chinese Writers in academic writing.

In Weir, G.R.S. & Ishikawa, M.(Eds.) . Corpus, ICT, and Language Education. University of Strathclyde Publishing. 2010: 31-40.