Strengths of the MTI Program

  • 2014-12-25
  • 4291
1. Experienced Academic Staff
The MTI program has experienced teachers and practitioners of translation and interpreters. Interpreting teachers have worked as simultaneous interpreters or consecutive interpreters for over 500 conferences. Translation teachers have had many translated works published.
2. Real-world Simulations in the Classroom
Theories and skills on translation and interpreting will be introduced in the classroom. Conference simulations will be used in the interpreting classroom while translation projects will be dealt with in the translation classroom to enhance learning.
3. Market-oriented Teaching

Teaching is market oriented. Besides classroom study, the students will complete an internship in translation companies and presses. They will also attend conferences to practice interpreting skills under the teacher’s guidance. The graduates of the MTI program will work as translators and interpreters in government, translation companies and international companies, and freelance translators.