The Entrance Examination

  • 2014-12-25
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University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is recruiting 10 English graduate students in the program  of Master of Translation and Interpreting in 2012 (including recommended graduate students being excused from examinations). 

Recommended Graduates
The Department of Foreign Languages welcomes recommended graduates being excused from examinations from key domestic universities and colleges. All the students graduating in the present year, being recommended by their universities and colleges, may apply for the program, according to Instruction of the Application and Recruiting of Recommended Graduates issued by Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The recruiting process ends in mid October 2011. At the appointed time, the Department website will publish the actual number of the recommended graduates. The examinees are welcome to check the results.

Students enrolled via the national examinations
I. Requirements:

A. The applicants should meet one of the following requirements:

1) Graduates in the present year from a recognized university (should have a Bachelor’s degree); or
2) Graduates from a recognized university (should have Bachelor’s degree); or

3) Already obtained Master’s degree or the PhD Degree; or
4) Graduates from a college with 2 or over 2 years’ study or working experience (from college completion date to September 1 in the year of starting of Master program, similarly hereafter) (can only apply as the same educational level); or

5) Graduates from recognized adult universities in the present year (can only apply as the same educational level);

B. Students applying as the same educational level must have published at least one academic paper related to translation in state-class academic journals;

C. Not over 40 years old;

D. Pass the physical examination.
II. Application procedure

Applicants must check the requirements carefully before applying.
The qualifications will be investigated in the reexamination stage. The examinees who do not meet the requirements will not be admitted.
Application should be received via the online system.
Application methods, time, venue and other information can be checked via the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences website since the end of September 2011.
III. Preliminary examination subjects

(1) 101 Political Theory
(2) 211 MTI English
(3) 357 Translation (English-Chinese and Chinese-English)
(4) 448 Chinese writing and knowledge
IV. Reexamination

Reexamination normally takes place in the latter part of March.

Reexamination includes written examination and oral examination (mainly examine the translation ability).

The examinee who participates in the reexamination should pass the required mark of reexamination in general.
The reexamination number is generally 110% to 150% the enrollment scale. The examinee who gains reexamination qualification should download the relevant forms from the GUCAS website and provide the various materials to prove their qualifications within the required time.
V. Offer
No offers will be made if the applicants failed the reexamination.

Applications who pass the reexamination will be ranked by examinees’ overall marks. The recruitment depends on the overall marks.
The overall marks include two parts, namely the  preliminary examination and the reexamination. Reexamination results account for 50% of the overall marks.